Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

In the following, you can read Sylvester & co ApS’ (hereinafter referred to as “Sylvester & co”) policy for processing the personal information you provide when you visit Sylvester & co’s website and sign up for our electronic news services.

The terms of this Privacy Policy are applicable when you use Sylvester & co’s website and sign up for our electronic news services. When you visit the websites, the terms of Sylvester & co’s Cookie Policy are also applicable.

If you do not agree to the terms below, please do not use Sylvester & co’s website or news services.

Sylvester & co are aware of the need for protection of the personal information we receive from you and we always process your personal information with care.

Sylvester & co are considered responsible for processing data in accordance with the current law of personal data. Below you will find all necessary contact information:

Sylvester & co ApS
Otto Brandenburgs Vej 68
DK-2450 København CV
CVR: 35235469

2. How Sylvester & co collects your personal data

Sylvester & co’s processing of your personal data is in accordance with the current requirements, including the safety requirements that follow from the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Sylvester & co regularly reviews the registered personal information and deletes the information that is no longer relevant for processing. The same applies to the personal information that a user wishes to delete or Sylvester & co no longer has any basis for processing.

When you make use of our websites or sign up for our news services, it is required that you provide us with certain personal information. This is necessary in order to use the full functionality of the websites and for us to send you the relevant newsletters, etc. Therefore, Sylvester & co collects and stores the personal data you provide when you use the websites as well as sign up for our news services.

3. Which informations are collected?

Sylvester & co will collect and process the following type of data when you visit our website:

Which other web pages you have visited and when you have visited them
Your IP-address
Your geographical location
Your web-browser

The information above is obtained by the use of cookies, and therefore a reference is made to the current Cookie Policy, which provides a detailed description of the conditions for obtaining, storing, disclosing and deleting the above information. You can always find Sylvester & co’s Cookie Policy on our websites, and you are also asked to accept our Cookie Policy when you enter our website.

In order to provide our news services to you, Sylvester & co also processes the following personal information about you:

Email address

4. The purpose of collecting data

Sylvester & co collects your contact information and company/workplace when you sign up for our news service in order to complete your registration and deliver relevant newsletters and marketing via electronic mail, cf. section 2 of the Danish Marketing Act part 1, No. 15 including text messages/SMS, MMS and email.

Personal data is processed for sending electronic mail to you, including newsletters and other relevant marketing regarding invitations to our events, conferences, as well as professional information and knowledge sharing.

Sylvester & co only stores your personal information as long as this is necessary to fulfil the above-mentioned purposes. That is, we keep the above-mentioned personal data as long as you are still registered with Sylvester & co’s news service. If you resign this service, Sylvester & co is obligated to delete your personal information within 30 days.

5. Distribution of your personal data

Your personal data is not distributed to any third party unless required by applicable law or by judgment.

In relation to the deletion and distribution of the personal data you provide when you visit the website, we refer to our Cookie Policy.

6. The use of data processors

The above-mentioned personal data is used by data processors associated with Sylvester & co or Nordic HR Conf. The data processors only process personal information according to instructions from Sylvester & co and thus only for the specific purposes stated in this policy. The data processors are also subject to the same obligation to protect personal data as Sylvester & co is.

7. Security about your personal information

Sylvester & co treats all personal information confidentially and we have made a number of technical and organizational security measures for the purpose of protecting personal data from accidental or illegal destruction, loss or deterioration, and against distribution, misuse or otherwise being treated in violation of the personal data law.

On a daily basis, backup is being done of all our electronic data and we have protected us by installing antivirus software and firewalls.

8. Your right to know which personal data we possess and the opportunity of deletion and complaints

You have the right to know which personal information Sylvester & co is processing about you and on what basis. You also have the right to obtain your personal information on a readable media. Furthermore, you have the right to correct any incorrect or misleading personal information registered about you at Sylvester & co. You also have the right to object to the processing of your personal information.

You can contact Sylvester & co by writing to this email address: In addition, you also have the opportunity to complain to the Data Inspectorate (Datatilsynet) regarding the processing of your personal information.

In relation to the consent(s) you have given Sylvester & co when you signed up for the news service, you can always revoke this/these per email or by the unsubscribe button in the newsletters.

If you have questions regarding Sylvester & co’s processing of your personal information, you are welcome to contact Sylvester & co at the email address above.