Activate your online ambassadors and make your
jobs go viral.

When you post vacant positions on social media, the successful sharing of these often depends on whether your employees are helping you spread the word trough their professional network. But if your employees do not understand how to use LinkedIn as a strategic tool, how can they become the viral army you and your company want? 

With this workshop you not only provide your employees with tools that will help you make your job postings go viral, you also signal to them that social media is an important strategic communication platform for the firm.

• What is LinkedIn? Understanding the opportunities and converting them into results 

• How do I find relevant businesses worldwide on LinkedIn and how do I contact them? 

• Your profile and how you expand your network 

• Business Pages – What it is and how does it work? 

• Like, follow, polls, comment and share – What are they?

• Groups – how do I sign up and how do I communicate in a group? 

• How do I find and share my corporate job postings/invitations/news? 

• How do I upload documents or video or sign up for events? We look at different LinkedIn apps 

• LinkedIn – What's in it for me? Motivating factors for employees

• Basic introduction to LinkedIn as well as tips and tricks to enhance your profile and presence on LinkedIn 

• Learn about the most commonly used communication tools on LinkedIn 

• Do's & Don'ts 

• Discover how to recruit new employees, customers or contacts from your network

• Learn how you can grow with LinkedIn and create value in your daily work 

• Get answers to all the questions you have about LinkedIn

• Get your own LinkedIn guide

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Christian Sylvester

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