Get free access to respectively 6 million potential candidates in total with LinkedIn and Facebook.

There is an increasing interest in recruiting via Social media – today some companies even recruit exclusively through these channels. However, this recruitment method is different from the traditional one, and to benefit from Social Media recruitment you need to have insight into these new approaches. 

This course is intended for everyone who works professionally with recruitment and employer branding and who want  to get an overview of the opportunities within recruitment through social media.

With the proper insight into recruitment via LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other social media, you will get a clear competitive advantage in the search for talent and a roadmap for the design of your Social Media Recruitment Strategy.

• Social media as a recruitment channel – What can they do and what can’t they do?

• Introduction to Social Media Recruitment Strategy

• Considerations for Implementing a Social Media Recruitment Strategy

• Analysis and management of social recruitment channels and their relevance to candidate attraction, including the ambassador network

• Social media recruitment nationally and internationally

• Recruitment Toolbox for social media

• Pitfalls – reasons why it sometimes fails and signals you should be aware of

• Find out which social platforms you should invest in

• Learn how to develop a social media recruitment strategy – manage the process from idea to implementation in daily recruitment work

• Reduce your recruitment costs substantially with free tools 

• Make your publications go viral through your ambassador network

• Obtain a competitive recruiting advantage – Easy access to candidates, both nationally and globally

Practical information
• Fruit, coffee, tea and water will be served all day, as well as a light lunch

• Course material will be distributed during the course and there will be access to wireless internet 

• Registration is mandatory, and any cancellations have to be made at least 5 working days before the course is to take place

“I have participated in the course ‘Recruitment via Social Media’. It was a highly inspiring and profitable day that provided a set of tools that I am looking forward to use in my every day work. I am sure that the use of social media in our recruitment process will increase and is something that we will make more use of in the future. As an educator Sylvester & co understand how to communicate their knowledge about social media in an exciting, very simple, easy and comprehensible way. It is useful, concrete, straight forward and easy to use in your everyday work.”

Henrik W. Lassen, HR Consultant, Group HR, Fertin A/S


1. November 2017
3. December 2017

6. November 2017

5. December 2017

9.00 – 16.00

Kejsergade 2, 3. sal, 1155 Copenhagen


4.995,- DKK Excl. VAT per person.

Christian Sylvester

This course is also available as a company presentation

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