Recruitment for managers

The manager's most important task is to create the right team! With the right team in place, the essential prerequisite for achieving success is fulfilled.

But even if it's not the first time that you as a manager face the need to complete recruitment processes and find the right employees, it does not always make the task easier.

Today it is the employee's market and this demands that companies are able to attract, find and recruit the right employees. This course helps the leader analyze the recruitment problem, plan and execute the right recruitment processes and finally employ the right candidate.

This course is for managers who can independently manage efficient, cost-effective and fast recruitment processes from A-Z.


Target audience

The course addresses managers as well as directors of small and medium-sized enterprises.



  • Where does it most often go wrong in the recruitment process? What should we avoid?
  • Attracting candidates - where, when and how do we do this?
  • What does the current job market look like and what do candidates focus on when looking for a job?
  • Evaluation of participants' possible communication platforms - Focus on online / SoMe
  • How to write a relevant and selling job ad
  • Knowledge of when to use reactive and proactive recruitment processes
  • Available recruitment channels ("free" and payment options) - We evaluate a broad section and provide company / industry specific best practice solutions
  • How to use Facebook & LinkedIn to attract candidates (free and paid)
  • How to conduct an interview and reveal personal and professional skills
  • Obtaining references and testing of hypotheses about candidates
  • Achieving a good match for both parties and voting expectations for both parties
  • Recruitment of candidates and negotiation of contracts
  • How to give rejections and creates ambassadors


Course yield

  • Specific knowledge and tools for implementing a professional recruitment process
  • Understand how the good match is evaluated and how to manage without bad hirings
  • Achieve significant savings on the recruitment budget


Course form

The course alternates between review of method, inspiration and dialogue and exercises in relation to your practical tasks.

Participants bring concrete and current job postings that they wish to occupy. These positions will form the basis for group work during the course and the participant will have concrete proposals for candidates to work with after the course.



18. december 2017
2. februar 2018
10. april 2018

9.00 – 16.00

Kejsergade 2, 3. sal, 1155 Copenhagen


9.00 – 16.00

4.995,- DKK Excl. VAT per person.

Christian Sylvester

This course is also available as a company presentation

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