Do you know the difference between CPV, CPA and CPM and how to calculate CTR?

We will answer all of the above, as well as every other question you might have concerning advertising on LinkedIn and Facebook in only 2 hours and 30 minutes. 

The course is for those who have never tried to advertise on social media. We will discuss recruitment advertising on LinkedIn and Facebook, and translate facts into practical use. After getting this knowledge, you will be to handle your own job ads via social media and let the candidates come to you.

• How to create a Facebook ad

• Target your job campaign on Facebook – geographic location, gender, age, interests, work, education and much more

• Sponsored Stories – promotion of your Facebook company page

• Promoted Posts on Facebook – promote your Facebook postings and get more views

• Facebook Reports & Insights – who clicks on your ads, and how often do they show up?

• Conversion Tracking – measure your return on investment in Facebook ads

• How to create a LinkedIn ad approved by the LinkedIn team

• Target your job campaign on LinkedIn – title, job function, position, industry, company size, country etc.

• Advertising Budget – choose between pay per click or per view

• Learn how to design job ads

• Target your ads to your audience

• Measure the effect of your ads, so that you can constantly improve and optimize them

• Increase your return on investment in advertising

• Introduction of software tools for advertising

• Local and international employment campaigns managed by you in just a few clicks

Practical information
• Fruit, coffee, tea and water will be served all day, as well as a light lunch

• Course material will be distributed during the course and there will be access to wireless internet 

• Registration is mandatory, and any cancellations have to be made at least 5 workdays before the course is to take place.

“ In 2013 I participated in the course ‘Recruiting via social media’. It was obvious that the coach had worked with social media and recruitment in depth. In my previous positions I have worked with recruitment via social media, but I still felt like I got new and useful knowledge within the field.

Furthermore the coach managed to convey his knowledge in an enthusiastic and presentable way that clearly rubbed off on the other participants. In relation to my previous positions I have worked in depth with recruitment via social media, but  I still felt that I received new and knowledgeable information within the field. I can definitely recommend Sylvester & co and the course ‘Recruitment via Social Media’.”

Anders Toft Johansen, Recruitment consultant at ALK Abelló


29. November 2017
15. January 2018

30. October 2017
18. January 2018

09.00 - 11.30

Kejsergade 2, 3. sal, 1155 Copenhagen


2.795,- DKK Excl. VAT per person

Christian Sylvester

This course is also available as a company presentation

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