Strategic recriutment on sociale medier  

We will guide you step-by-step through the process, starting from uncovering your needs to hiring.

There is an increasing interest in recruitment via social media and with good reason – in 2012 Danes used a total of 29 % of their time online on social media. Therefore it makes a lot of sense to enter into a dialogue with potential candidates using these platforms. Social media provides new opportunities for recruitment. It can be easily implemented and also cuts the cost of recruiting considerably.

It is important to be aware of the nature of recruiting on social media is versus traditional recruitment. It requires a new set of competences to get a real return from your efforts.

Let us analyze your recruitment processes, target groups, competences, geographical location etc. On that basis we can shape a Social Media Recruitment Strategy that will guide you from thought to implementation of social media in your daily work with recruitment. You will also receive:

  • An analysis and recommendation of which social media platforms you should concentrate on and how
  • An introduction of free tools and apps that can support your recruitment efforts on social media
  • Suggestions on how to activate your ambassadors to go viral
  • A comprehensive and hands-on roadmap – ready to be implemented in your organization

The price of a Social Media Recruitment Strategy is based on the number of hours spent on the task but of course we will determine the price beforehand when we get to know more about your needs. Call us for a non-obligatory offer. 

Are you up for the challenges of shaping your own Social Media & Recruitment Strategy? We can give you the tools you need – sign up for our course “Recruiting via Social Media”.

 Sylvester & co’s knowledge about recruitment on social media has been very valuable for our work in HR and for the company as a whole. I can very much recommend Sylvester & co to others who are in need of an expert introduction on how to use social media in their recruitment efforts.

Vibe Grundsøe, HR Consultant, BWSC

Practical information

Prices depend on the number of hours we spend and the complexity of the task. A written agreement will be made beforehand.

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