Second opinion

Receive an objective estimate before you make a large investment

Should you as HR manager invest in a new online recruitment system or in a ‘social media recruitment channel’?
Are you in the communication industry and considering to purchase software apps for social media in connection with your recruitment efforts?

It is often a good idea to have a fresh set of eyes on the case. With our knowledge about recruitment and Social & New Media we can carry out different types of objective examinations of products, processes and offers.

Examples of cases we can assist you with could be:
  • An impartial examination of an offer in preparation for a negotiation with your supplier
  • To obtain better technical understanding of an offer so that you are more prepared to enter into dialogue with your supplier
  • To identify risks and pitfalls in a solution proposal
  • To make sure that the software you are considering to invest in can be integrated in your company’s social media platforms and processes
  • To get other cheaper or better alternatives highlighted
  • How to maximize your budget
It is also possible to hire us as your personal “watchdog” to safeguard your interest.

Practical information

Prices depend on the number of hours we spend on the task and its complexity. 

A written agreement will be made before hand. 

Contact us for a non-obligatory offer.

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