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If you do not have the time yourself, why not let Sylvester & co. transform your LinkedIn Profile into an All-star? This will assure that you look professional on LinkedIn and that you will be found by the right people – every time!

A LinkedIn Profile used to be a nice-to-have, today it is a need-to-have. LinkedIn has become much more than an online résumé. It is the world’s largest professional network, where business professionals can exchange experiences, get recommended and find clients, suppliers and partners etc. In other words – LinkedIn is your online business card and often this is the first impression people get of you.

Are you seeking a new job?
A LinkedIn Profile is important because it is head-hunters’ largest source of information and favourite place to hunt. A professional LinkedIn Profile with the right buzzwords will land you at the top of search results every time.

Do you already have a job?
Then a professional LinkedIn Profile is even more important. Customers use LinkedIn as a tool to check on you and your company’s credibility before they make the decision to buy your products or enter into a partnership with you. Your personal brand on LinkedIn affects your company’s brand and the other way around.

Let us help you get a professional brand on LinkedIn
The only thing you need to do is to send us an email with your login information along with your CV and a professional and updated picture of yourself with minimum 200x200 pixels and a maximum of 500x500 pixels in JPGH, GIF or PNG format. The picture must be square and a maximum of 4MB.

After we receive your information we will call to interview you before we start updating your profile. We will check that all of your settings are correct, adjust your profile according to search engine optimization and finally do a proofreading of your profile. When we are done after a maximum of three working days you will receive an email from us with a reminder to reset your password. We will also generate and attach a professional résumé in PDF format that you can use in your job hunt. 

The makeover of your profile is of course 100 % anonymous. Your network will never know anything other than the fact that you are a pro-user who has spent time creating a professional LinkedIn Profile. We work discreetly and anonymously during the whole process. We will switch off your activity broadcasts before we start so that you don’t spam your network with updates. We can make profiles in Danish, English, Norwegian, Swedish and French.

Exactly what do you do with my profile?
We will (re)write the text so that it is represented professionally and grammatically correct so as to attract the eyes of a headhunter or future client. We will also make sure that your LinkedIn SEO (Search Engine Optimization) lands you at the top of search results. This makes it certain that you will be present in relevant searches and that you will be found by new business partners, clients, former colleges, suppliers, relevant people in your network and others with potential interest in your competences. In addition we will boost the visual presentation of your profile by adding pictures, videos and websites. 

It is possible to have multiple language versions of your profile, and we recomend that you have at least two. We do makeovers in English, danish, norwegian, swedish, spanish, portuguese and french.


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If you have any questions you are very welcome to call or write us!

Legal disclaimer
We are not affiliated with LinkedIn. We are not sponsored by LinkedIn. We do not represent any views of LinkedIn or its employees. We are not responsible for any changes in services or terms of conditions on LinkedIn and cannot be held liable for them. We work in an online medium so any changes to your online profile will be immediate. During the process we will utilize LinkedIn tools to hinder broadcasts to your LinkedIn network about any changes to your LinkedIn profile and strive to carry out the makeover service as discreetly and confidentially as possible.

Any legal action that our clients may be subject to in connection with their LinkedIn profile or usages of cannot be related to Sylvester & co.

Sylvester & co is and shall not be made liable for any changes in relation to the LinkedIn Profile Makeover that could cause loss or damages directly or indirectly to the client.

Professional online LinkedIn Profile Makeover is a service that is provided by Sylvester & co and not LinkedIn. Sylvester & co is not liable for any false information that a client may provide for a LinkedIn Makeover service that may or may not result in his/her termination of employment.

Upon finalizing the makeover service it is solely the responsibility of the client to verify LinkedIn profile settings, any new signups, text and other visual material, to go through the LinkedIn profile in its entirety and notify Sylvester & co of any issues that require alterations immediately.

All rights reserved.

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MSI offers discrete LinkedIn Makeovers in English, Danish, German, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Spanish, French and Portuguese.

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