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Market your products, company and jobs for free to more than 400 million business professionals worldwide, incl. 1.8 million Danes, on the world’s largest professional network with a LinkedIn Company Page.

Maybe you think that LinkedIn is a database intended only for personal resumes. Over the past 10 years, LinkedIn has developed into much more. For corporations, it is a perfect media to execute corporate branding, talent attraction, marketing, and customer retention. It is free and only takes up a small part of your time.

Are you unsure whether or not your company belongs on LinkedIn? Let us explain why we, at Sylvester & co, don’t doubt that it does.

Is your company already on LinkedIn?
First and foremost, it is important to know that if just five profiles list you as an employer, a company profile will automatically be established. Your company’s brand is too important to not take ownership over what is written about you and how you are presented.

Talent Attraction
The Company Page allows you to post your jobs and makes it easy for your employees to share them, and thereby create a viral spread of your job postings. Furthermore, a professional profile leaves a good impression with potential clients and provides them with the opportunity to get to know your company better. A company profile makes it easy for everyone to follow you.

Targeted Marketing; Showcase Pages

As of April 14th, 2014, LinkedIn removed their Products and Services tab on the Company Pages. Instead, they have launched their Showcase Pages, which functions as individual pages, connected to your main company page. With LinkedIn Showcase Pages, you have the opportunity to market your company’s products and services as separate units, hereby reaching further out towards your target markets. Your followers can choose to follow the Showcase Pages individually, thus getting exposure to the specific product or service, they are interested in.

Customer Retention
With updates about your company, new products or news about your industry that showcase your company’s expertise within a sector, you can maintain contact with existing customers so that you appear at the top of their minds the minute they are in need of your specific products or services.

Last but not least, LinkedIn ranks high on Google’s search index. So use your LinkedIn Company Page to generate more traffic on your company website by referring to it and get found by having the correct buzzwords on you LinkedIn Company Page.

Are you clear on the advantages of having a LinkedIn Company Page now?

Let us help you launch it properly. We will sit down with you for one hour and help you launch and produce content on the page, showcase various aspects of your business and put in links to the relevant places. Your main Company Page, as well as up to 3 Showcase Pages, are included in the price.

Afterwards, you will receive a quick course on how to maintain your LinkedIn Company Page and how to anchor this in your communication. This course contains instructions about how to communicate on the page, how to publish job postings, and how to post status updates. 20 minutes of email support is included in the price, so if you have any further questions, just email us.

We are also able to conduct this service through online training.

Practical information

Price 5859,- DKK excl. VAT.

When you order this service, we will ask for the graphical specifications, that you need to bring on the day. We can also help you handle the graphical design for an additional 1.460,- DKK excl. VAT.

3 Showcase Pages are included in the price. The price for any additional Showcase Pages (max. 10) is 1150,- DKK excl. VAT.

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