Job ads on Facebook or LinkedIn

Let us take care of your job postings on social media, nationally and internationally.

Targeted job advertising not only gives you better value for your advertising money but also increases the quality of applicants.
Facebook and LinkedIn provide unique opportunities to segment by interest, education, industry, work place, job title, location, seniority and much more. At the same time these platforms allows you to measure the effect of a campaign. This way you can follow where and how often the advertisements are shown as well as who clicks on them – you only pay for the results.

On the basis of your future recruitment needs and type of positions we will design a job campaign that establishes contact to your primary target group. In that way potential candidates can be converted into actual applicants. At the same time you receive a unique insight into best practice. 

Are you up for conducting your own job campaign? On the course “Advertising on LinkedIn and Facebook”, we will provide you with the tools you need.

 Test us

We are experts in maximizing the reach of your advertisement. We can help you target your advertisements so that they attract only the candidates that you desire. Start by testing us with one or two positions and then we can have a discussion of the effect.

Practical information

Let us handle your job campaign.

If you send us your job posting and advertisement budget (min. 2000,- DKK) we will get back to you with a non-obligatory offer.

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