HR policy on social media

From average employee to online ambassador.

What is your company’s opinion about its employees use of social media?

If that is a question you need to think about it is very likely that your employees are just as much in doubt. This insecurity is often what keeps them from helping your company share its branding messages or jobs. 

It is not enough to encourage your employees to communicate about your company on social media. When your employees are talking about your company on Facebook through active participation in discussions, liking and sharing posts, it reflects back on your company – so how do you want to be presented?

A HR policy or guideline about social media can help you explain to your colleagues what and how they should communicate about your company on social media. It is not a question about telling them what to do or how to feel but more a question about making sure that your employees are well-equipped to use social media in a manner that will not damage your corporate brand or their own professional image.

Make clear guidelines about the communication about your company on social media and turn your employees into online ambassadors. We will help you shape and formulate a staff policy about the use of social media. 

We can also go to your company and organize a workshop so that all employees are clear about the use of social media when communicating about your company. The workshop is based on the course “Employees on LinkedIn”.

Practical information

Prices from 4995,- DKK.

Prices for shaping a HR policy and the subsequent implementation of this is based on the number of hours spent on the task. A written agreement with a price estimate will be made beforehand when we know more about your needs.

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