Discount card for our hotline

So, you are well on your way to recruiting via social media but you just have a few more questions…

New features and apps constantly change the rules on social media. This raises a lot of questions that require quick answers.
Invest in a Discount Card and get access to our Social Media Recruitment Hotline. You can call or send us an email with your questions and we will guarantee an answer within 24 hours Monday through Friday. 

The Discount card is available for 10, 20, 50 or 100 hours. Each Discount Card is valid for three months. The more hours you purchase, the bigger the discount!

Practical information

10 hours: 9,025,- DKK
(You save 5 %)

20 hours: 17,100,- DKK
(You save 10 %)

50 hours: 35,625,- DKK
(You save 25 %)

100 hours: 5,700,- DKK
(You save 40 %)

The Discount Card must be used within a year. Contact us for a non-obligatory offer.

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