Due to the technological movement in HR and recruitment departments, there has been a need for innovative thinking of the HR function. In addition, there is an increasing tendency for technology utilization to support recruitment, retention, development and settlement activities.

Therefore, Sylvester & co decided to host Nordic HR Tech Day 2018, focusing on the latest technology solutions and systems for HR professionals. At the conference participants learned how to make the HR function more data-driven, and eventually cheaper, better and more efficient.

Nordic HR Tech Days 2019 will take place during the spring at a centrally located venue in Copenhagen. The conference will be a two-day conference with a different agenda each day. Participants will have the opportunity to join either one or both of the two days. Read more at Nordic HR Conferences website.

Program the 14th of March 2018

8:30-9:00: Registration and breakfast

9:00-9:15: Opening speech, Ulrik Brix, Managing Director, Supana and an introduction of todays agenda by Karina Boldsen, Chief Commercial Officer, Solitwork

9:15-10:15: Speaker, Alexander Normann Jørgensen, manager, Deloitte

10:15-10:40: Pause - an opportunity to hear a case presentation about introDus or HR Manager

10:40-11:40: Speaker, Mervyn Dinnen, author of Exceptional Talent

11:40-13:00: Lunch

13:00-14:00: Choose between three tracks:
  • Catalystone: w/Jenny Garneij, Chief Human Capital & Communications Officer, Nordnet Bank
  • Peakon: w/Kasper Hulthin, Co-Founder, Peakon

14:00-14:30: Coffee and cake

14:30-15:30: Speaker, Ulrika Jonsson, Director Business Development, Microsoft

15:30-15:45: Disclosure of HR Tech survey data, Ulrik Brix, Managing Director, Supana

15:45-16:00: Ulrik Brix, Managing Director, Supana and Karina Boldsen, Chief Commercial Officer, Solitwork.

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ARoS, Aros Allé 2, 8000 Aarhus, Denmark

Opening speech

Ulrik Schultz Brix,
Managing Director, Supana

  1. Do you know which HR Tech solutions Danish companies will implement in the next 12-24 months?
  2. Would you like to know which HR Tech solutions have the best performance and which your peers recommend?

Supana opens Nordic HR Tech Day with an introduction to the most important HR trends and solutions based on interviews and surveys by Danish HR decision makers.

Karina Boldsen is the conferencier for Nordic HR Tech Day 2018

Karina works as chief commercial officer in the business intelligence company Solitwork, which has offices in Aarhus and Copenhagen. In addition, she is very engaged in board work, and therefore sits in a wide range of boards in diverse businesses as for example Vestjysk Bank, Aarhus Business College and Volkswagen Grenaa.


Mervyn Dinnen (UK)

Author & Talent Acquisition Analyst

Talent Trends & Insights

Mervyn Dinnen is an HR & talent analyst advising HR and recruitment technology businesses on the emerging trends impacting hiring, retention and engagement.

Mervyn will look at how technology and digitisation are driving the emerging trends in onboarding, retention and talent management, helping to create better employee experiences that will attract and inspire your talent.

Ulrika Jonsson (SE)
Director Business Development, Digital HR

Ulrika Jonsson works as a Business Development Manager within Digital HR at Microsoft with the primary responsibility to help customers create the best conditions for a successful digital transformation

Ulrika will talk about how HR’s role is expanding beyond its traditional focus on talent management, process, and transactions. HR is becoming an innovative business partner with a broader responsibility to design, simplify, and improve the talent experience cross the entire employee lifecycle.

Alexander Normann Jørgensen (DK)
Manager, Deloitte

Alexander Normann Jørgensen is a Manager in Deloitte’s Human Capital service line. Aside from advising clients in the realm of HR Transformation, Alexander leads Deloitte’s Digital HR offering in Denmark, and functions as Chief of Staff for HR Transformation in EMEA.

Alexander will present the latest HR trends, as identified in Deloitte’s annual HR trends report, and give his point of view on the challenges, opportunities and possible solutions that HR is facing.

Gain insights into the latest HR trends and how HR organizations can leverage technology to drive performance and business outcomes. Understand Digital HR is changing the way HR operates and learn how leading HR organizations are coping with the future of work.


Jenny Garneij (DK)

Chief Human Capital & Communications Officer, Nordnet Bank

The world’s best customer experience, internally as well as externally. Digitization of HR – part of the strategic agenda

More and more organizations are realizing the benefits of digitising their HR-processes and streamlining all their HR efforts, by implementing a modern cloud-based
HCM-system. CatalystOne is one of the leading Nordic providers of HCM software and HR-systems, with over 200 customers and hundreds of thousands of users
around the world. CatalystOne’s customer; Nordnet Bank, will present their journey and experiences with implementing an HCM-system in their organization.

The company’s ambition and strategy. Nordnet Bank want to provide the best customer experience in the world and HR plays a crucial role, since HR must provide the foundation for the managers and employees to execute on the strategy with speed and precision.

Nordnet Bank’s employee lifecycle. Each company have their own employee lifecycle, and Nordnet Bank will show how theirs are structured and how the employee lifecycle is supported by their HCM system and which advantages it provides in the different stages.

Examples from the system. It is always more interesting to see it for yourself, so Nordnet Bank will go through examples of how the system is implemented, how the system is set up and how it supports the everyday HR processes.

How Nordnet Bank chose their HR system. Deciding on which system/supplier to choose is not an easy task, but Nordnet Bank will describe their procurement process. How they started from a long wish list and a demand specification, to supplier evaluation and building the business case.

What did Nordnet Bank learn from the process? Jenny Garneij will give her personal advice for you that are considering investing in a new HCM-system and tell you what they learned along the way.

Kasper Hulthin (DK)
Co-Founder, Peakon

From Customer Experience to Employee Experience

Over the past 10 years, virtually all digital development was about understanding and improving the customer experience. The next 10 years will be about understanding and improving, the employee experience.

Employee expectations have changed, it has become more difficult to attract and retain talent, especially in more traditional industries, and a large amount of the workforce is leaving workplace soon. It is, therefore, urgent to understand what drives employees to grow, develop and ultimately recommend the company to others.

As HR, or Employee Experience analytics, is about a decade behind customer experience analytics, there is plenty to learn. Could you imagine a marketing department that only measures and tries to understand their customers based on a single annual survey? Or running a marketing department without using data? Can you sell a product that does not have a good customer experience? Unlikely.

How can you use data to understand what drives the employee's engagement and willingness to recommend the company as a place to work. Is it possible to predict if people want to leave the company based on data? What is the difference in engagement between a sales department and an engineering department, and in terms of roles, age, tenure etc.? Could a better employee experience ultimately change employees' views of HR?


CEO - introDus
Anders Thorup

The SKI model: A best practice model when including new hires in your business

The SKI model is developed by introDus and is being taught to costumers if needed. Safety, Knowledge, and Information are vital parts of any Pre & Onboarding process. By implementing the elements introDus experience a higher success rate with their costumer’s new employees.

If you’re a hiring manager or have an interest in including your new employees faster, more efficient and at a lower cost, all while the employee feels safer, then join this talk.

Anders Thorup, CEO - introDus, will tell you about the background and important elements in the model, and share insight from interviews with new hires and surveys from existing costumers.

Nordic HR Tech Days 2019

Nordic HR Tech Days 2019 will take place during the spring at a centrally located venue in Copenhagen. The conference will be a two-day conference with a different agenda each day. Participants will have the opportunity to join either one or both of the two days. Read more at Nordic HR Conferences website.

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