What we do best

Our mission is to help YOU recruit smarter. YOU being a manager, director, in-house HR professional, talent acquisition specialist, recruiter and likeminded. 

Through focusing on our niche and our professional backgrounds within recruitment, sales & marketing and management we want to help HR professionals and others working with recruitment related assignments improve their recruitment skills via our consulting and training services and provide them with the latest recruitment tools.

The overall goal is that our clients will recruit their next candidate cheaper, faster and with better quality.

The modern recruiter today is a mix of many skills including a matchmaker, marketer, sales, talent advisor, psychologist, technologist, researcher and data nerd. Sylvester & co provides training, conferences, tools and advisory that enable our clients to meet these requirements and making them capable to attract and recruit talented staff in future.

Our story

Many years of experience within management, sales, marketing and search and selection combined with a great passion for online & social media was the platform that lead Sylvester & co´s founder Christian Sylvester to establish Sylvester & co in 2011. Christian wanted to narrow the gap between the average HR department’s recruitment competence level and best practice solutions. Christian was one of the first persons in the Nordics to utilize LinkedIn in his professional line of work as a headhunter in 2004 and in 2010 he developed a Facebook recruitment concept together with Komfo, whom was at the time the only Facebook partner in the Nordics. Since 2011 thousands of Nordic HR professionals has gained new recruitment skills through training, webinars, conferences and advisory.

Through the constant expansion of our client list and a sharp focus on our core competences and business area we have experienced a steady growth since 2011. Today we service large national and international corporations.

The majority of our new clients come to us on the basis of recommendation from existing clients. We are very proud of this! 

Sylvester & co host the annual Nordic Recruitment Day conference which has grown into the biggest recruitment conference in the Nordics with hundreds of HR professionals and Keynote speakers participating from all-round the world. 

We utilize the best external lectures
Sylvester & co partner with recruitment experts with niche competencies and international likeminded companies. This ensures that we can provide the best training and advisory for our clients. 

Please visit our course section to get an overview of some of our current external trainers. 

What we do best? We help YOU recruit smarter!

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